Top 5 Reasons to Try Fit Flops

Have you heard of Fit Flops? Not you ordinary flip flop, these sandals have taken the UK and the United States by storm. The main concept of the Fit Flop is to induce a bit of instability so when you are walking, the body is being stimulated more and more, activating neglected muscles, and giving you an extra workout while you walk.

So what makes Fit Flops so special? Why should they be considered this summer? Here are five reasons why:

  1. Makes working out easier: Just put them on and start walking. That’s it. The Fit Flops are biomechanically engineered to activate your body’s muscles. No manuals to read. No videos to watch about how to walk in them. Just put them on and go about your day.
  2. Helps tone and trim your legs: The sandal is designed with a wobbleboard technology that challenges your muscles to work harder, without you even knowing it.
  3. You feel better: As you simply walk in the Fit Flops, they are designed to absorb shock and lessen joint strain.
  4. Saves Time: These are perfect for those that don’t have the time, or don’t want to waste the time, going to the gym. Just slip them on and start walking.
  5. Save Money. The Fit Flop sandal is much less in price than other shoes in its class. SpringBoost shoes cost over $100 and MBT shoes can cost upwards of $250. These walking sandals are a $50 investment.

So there you have it. 5 great reasons to give Fit Flops a try this summer. You’re going to be walking a lot anyway. Why not get the most out of your walking routine?