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It seems like health and food diet crazes come and go, all offering a quick fix to losing weight and staying healthy. I am sure a lot of you have been guilty of trying many of these so called miracle diets and bought a fitness program or two that make marketing claims of being the one and only fitness program you will ever need. But the biggest reason that we fail, and I am guessing most of us do, is that we try the diet or fitness program out for a few weeks, decide it is too much work, and throw it in the closet with the rest of the health stuff. We don't have the time to waste on it, I guess. A lot of us don't have the time to get a gym membership as well. I know I don't have a couple hours a day to set aside to ride the treadmill or ride a stationary bike. So what is a woman to do?


FitFlop The Benefits of Fit FlopsIt is often the case, in this day and age, that the fitness and diet plans floating out there are not effective. It seems like everyone these days are struggling to stay fit and have a goal of losing a few pounds of weight. The FitFlop has been a fitness shoe and sandal that has been very popular over the last few years. This is not breaking news folks, as the FitFlop have actually been in stores for over 6 how time flies. The list is very long as to why these toning shoes have been a hot seller, but the main fact why people gravitate toward the FitFlop is that they help stayed in shape while doing what we do anyway, and that is walk.

FitFlops are also liked by many because they are very affordable. They cost under $100 for the shoes and sandals, which is far cheaper than a gym membership, so getting a workout is affordable and easy to use for walking. No long tutorials or manuals to read here, just get a pair and put them on and start walking...easy huh?

With FitFlop, you can begin your new fitness regimen right away, but it's walking we are talking about, so it's not really a chore. The secret I guess is a thing the manufactuers call Microwobbleboard. They don't feel like a normal pair of footware because of this techy stuff, feeling more cushiony. The core of the shoe makes your legs work more when walking, thereby giving a workout and increasing your fitness level. You can wear these all summer long to the beach, walking around town, around the house, the whole time giving your leg muscles a fitness workout.

This toning shoe is not the only footwear brand that is in the stores, but none of them come close as far as price and styles as the FitFlop. I have found that the other shoes are basically knockoffs, and these are far superior in quality, design, and durability. If cost is a consideration, then you might want to try looking on the Internet for coupons or finding sales on FitFlops. A great way to find the Fit Flops on sale is to look at the Google search engine or to try one of the many shopping search engines such as Shopzilla. Keep looking because there are always sales and coupons. Taking the time to look this up might save you a lot of money, so invest the time to investigate this. I don't know what I did without the internet because now I can find so many deals and sales on all types of clothing and shoes for fitness. They say that information is power, and it holds true when you have the Internet so close at hand.

It's worth mention and actually emphasizing that over the past few years there has been a wave of fake clothing and shoes being sold on the Internet. I see so many knockoffs, mostly from websites that originate from China or other Far East countries. Not only cheap FitFlop, but purses and handbags, jeans, any clothing. That's why I have to stress that you must be careful and if they are sold at 50% off the retail, don't believe it. I have found the best way to not get ripped off is to stay clear from any website that has FitFlops is the website URL, except for the manufacturer, which is All other sites are selling fakes, or they may be an affiliate, which is someone that sets up a website that looks like an online retailer, but when you click the buy button, it redirects to another website such as Zappos or Amazon. What happens is that they get paid a commission when you click that button and buy them through the destination.

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After to buy the REAL FitFlop, slip them on and start walking. As was mentioned above, it is that easy and that's why so many people love FitFlops versus other fintess programs...just start walking. I warn people, your legs will feel sore after wearing them a couple times. But that's a good thing. It means that they are working. Just take precautions when walking and build up your legs as you walk about.

Of all the fads and diets out there, I think these are a perfect solution to incorporate into your fitness routine. They are very affordable, are easy to use, and are very durable, which means they will last you a long time. I have to remind everyone that this is not the only step to healthy living. Eating right is the other piece of the puzzle. Eating a well balanced diet not only helps lose weight, it also gives you an extra boost of energy so that you can walk longer in your FitFlop.

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